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Andrzej Banach, August 16, 2017

I have to admit I feel so positively fulfilled that I am giving this place and its staff the best mark possible. We had planned going camping several times with kajaki-leknica.pl. We wanted to have a family trip and take advantage of the camping spirit with sleeping under tents (however there are also wooden homes with great sea or lavender aroma). We also wanted to have it in a unique and enchanting place. And we did not get a bit of disappointment. This is a great place where we know we will return.
We really enjoyed the pontoon trip down the Nysa river, wonderful bicycle rides across Geopark with its colorful lakes and a lookout tower, as well as through the old-Slavic area, Kromlau, Galblenz, Muskau. The Castle of Muskau, once burnt down by the Soviets, now is a real gem of the region (100 mln EUR was invested in renovation). The staff are buzzing like bees – cleaning, mowing, polishing. There is a lovely little square where the Polish waiter advises where the best ice-cream is. The patisserie is looking for employees and pays 50% more for Saturdays and Sundays. Looking for directions to the Kromlau Castle we met lots of very friendly people who did their best to show us the way, using simple Polish vocabulary. There is a great narrow-gauge railway, too, we weren’t just lucky to catch it. The friendly host offered a replacement bicycle when mine broke down (although there was also someone else ready to repair it), and a wonderful hostess whom we made friends with. This great mood affected the other camp inhabitants who soon met at the bonfire and shared their life and travel stories. We all enjoyed access to open house with kitchen, restroom, shower with Hydro-Massage. Later on just one movie on TV and back to the tent, as there is no time to waste in the morning, and everybody is ready for the daily activities. We did not have such a great atmosphere even on year before in Germany, Spreewald, where everyone had been sitting alone in the evenings. Plus, I have to say it, I had never before seen such cheap petrol, from 4.05 PLN to 1.02 EUR for diesel oil. It is 0.3 PLN cheaper than in Wroclaw, and we are talking about the price for Germans here. In order not to take the most famous „Hitler’s motorway” back (due to its low technical state), we drove to Goerlitz on the German side through the remains of GDR. It was an awesome weekend. I asked the owner if we could come for New Year’s Eve celebration. She answered enthusiastically that „Sir, if you come, we organize it”. And where was that? In Nowe Czaple by Łęknica, the address is above.

Adam W., August 29, 2017

A wonderful place, a perfectly organized camping site. Equipped with benches, tables, gazebos. Amazingly well-maintained. It is clean and beautiful everywhere. The grass is mowed for tents, plus there are nice trees and a little shadowy forest to park your caravan by. It is silent, you can only hear the birds singing. And what is most important, the owners are very friendly. Mr. Slawek and Mrs. Kasia treat everybody as a family member (or even better!). I was there with my wife and my disabled son. We really relaxed. The hosts did not accept any payment for our son. We recommend this place to anyone who likes silence and nature.

Magdalena Wawrzyniak, July, 2017

Quick decision and hey adventure! It was really an interesting challenge. Soon we decided to extend the route. We want to thank the owner, Mr. Slawek, for introducing us to everything and for giving us all the valuable instructions.

Katarzyna Waszak, June, 2017

The Sunday with You was awesome! A beautiful, picturesque route. Familiar regions seen from a totally new – water perspective! Thank you!